Introductory Training in

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Using Applications for Natural Resource Management

Florida Sea Grant, the University of Florida IFAS Extension, and Golder Associates invites you to register for a 3.5-day intensive training using ArcGIS Pro, a powerful tool for managing natural resources and guiding growth and development processes.

The next training is scheduled for:

August 15 – 18, 2022


In this Training

You will be introduced to ArcGIS Pro, the primary product used by professionals to compile, analyze, and manage geographic information.

You will learn the most commonly used GIS skills in the industry today by completing “real-world” exercises that will build your confidence using GIS, increase your awareness about GIS data sources and help you explore GIS tools to enhance your research program.

How It Works



The training consists of a series of short lectures, which will introduce geospatial concepts. Lectures will be followed by exercises that attendees will complete using ArcGIS Pro 2.9, applying the concepts learned.

During the training, each participant will have access to a computer workstation with all the needed materials and software, printed workbook documenting the steps required to complete the exercises and the information presented during lectures. Several trainers will be on hand to provide assistance.

The training is conducted in one of the computer labs located on the University of Florida Main campus. Attendees are expected to adhere to UF guidelines related with the COVID-19 virus at the time of the in-person training. For more information, please visit

Daily schedule for the in-person training:

MONDAY   –> 9:00 am – 5:00 pm               

TUESDAY  –> 8:30 am –  5:00 pm                              

WEDNESDAY  –> 8:30 am – 5:00 pm             

THURSDAY –>  8:30 am – 12:00 pm 

AGOL and Field Maps App – extra training module online


To accommodate those who cannot attend in-person, we will be also offering a virtual platform.

You will be given access to the training lectures and materials:

– Geospatial concepts will be introduce via modules that consist of short videos explaining fundamental concepts.

– Exercises instructions and materials.

– The modules also contain interactive quizzes for your own self-evaluation of progress.

– You will have access to the training materials and instructors for a month (which start with an introductory meeting with an instructor).

– The online version will be launch on August 16, 2022.

– You will have access to the training materials and instructors until September 15, 2022 (30 days).

– Instructors will be available via email/zoom meetings to discuss any questions or issues while taking the online training.

Requirements for the online version:

– Participants should have access to a computer. To see your computer’s ability to run ArcGIS Pro 2.9 go to Please note that the ArGIS software is NOT compatible with Mac computers unless the computer has a Windows partition.

– An excellent internet connection.

– If needed, participants can download the trial version of the ArcGIS Pro 2.9 software (21 days) just prior to the training.

Who and Why You Should Attend

What You Will Learn

GIS Workshop topics

Collecting and  Mapping Field Data Using a Smart Phone or Tablet

We are excited to offer an extra training module to guide you through the steps necessary to collect and map your own field data.

This new module will train you to:

  • create a data dictionary,
  • collect new spatial data in the field, and
  • create and share your spatial data using ArcGIS Field Maps App and ArcGIS Online (AGOL).

This is an extra module that requires registration and an extra fee. This module will be taught online.

People interested in participating only in this module should have previous experience in ArcGIS Pro and geographic information systems.

Registration Costs

For the 3.5-day training:

UF Faculty and Staff . . . . . . . . $550

UF Students . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$300

Non-UF Professionals . . . . . . $550

AGOL & Field Maps (extra module) Training participants $50

AGOL & Field Maps (extra module) Non-Training participants $100


To Register

Please visit the Eventbrite website for registration:

The Instructors

Our Contact Details!

Nancy Montes | (352) 392-6234

Participants’ Comments

GIS Workshop Participant comments

GIS Training Test Scores

Before and after workshop test scores of knowledge about GIS and ArcGIS

Exercises and Materials

Link to GIS Training MaterialsElectronic versions of materials and exercises can be found in this link.

This information is password protected.

The information to access these materials is provided to participants during the GIS Training.


UF Florida Sea Grant & Golder Associates