Florida is sometimes called a state with two oceans back-to-back. Its shorelines span six degrees of latitude. It is not surprising that numerous academic, governmental, private and non-profit organizations exist here, devoted to marine research and education. As part of its statewide mission — and to answer numerous questions from prospective students and other interests worldwide — Florida Sea Grant offers this directory. It is intended to be a guide to link people to marine and coastal institutions in Florida. It is not designed to include all institutions in Florida in each category. Suggestions and comments on those that should be added, modified or deleted are welcome. Please send to



Florida has ten public universities and a large number of private universities and colleges. Those listed below have certain academic programs that relate to ocean, marine or coastal studies, research or outreach. Below each university are those academic departments or sites of study that allow a student to learn more about ocean, marine or coastal degree programs or for a citizen or business to seek answers to questions. In some cases, the academic department may be totally dedicated to ocean, marine or coastal issues and in others, perhaps a group of faculty within the academic department or laboratory work in this area.